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Updated: Feb 7

Sometimes I step away from romance and delve into other genres. Right now, I'm loving Dean Koontz's Nameless series. Book one, In the Heart of the Fire, introduces us to Nameless, our protagonist without a name. He doesn't remember who he is but suspects he prefers it that way. Following the orders of the mysterious Ace of Diamonds, his benefactor and boss, Nameless leads us on a mysterious mission of revenge against an arrogant psychopathic sheriff. What Koontz does well in this book is gives us a villain we want to see gruesomely vanquished. The ending was a bit anti-climactic for those familiar with Koontz' work, but not enough so that I don't wish to move on to the next book, Photographing the Dead. These novellas are clear stand need to go on. No cliffhangers. But you'll want to find out where Nameless goes next, if only to find out more of his story.

You can get Nameless, book one, In the Heart of the Fire, by clicking below. Please note that doing so will earn me a small affiliate commission from

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