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I hate these sections. These "about me" pages. Except for what goes on in my head, I could be your next door neighbor. (Hopefully you LIKE your neighbor!)  Also, I've never met a photo of myself that I love. Until that magical day, you get a lovely placeholder. Sorry about that. 

Why do I write?  Other than the fact that I cannot NOT write (every former English teacher of mine has either just died or rolled in their graves with that double negative) here are some reasons:

1) I can't be everything I want to be in this life. Seriously. Too many things interest me. There are too many things I'd like to be when I grow up, if that ever happens. (Yeah, yeah, chronologically I'm grown up.  Mentally, however...) Things my actual body would never allow, like being a professional hockey player (can't stand up on ice skates), a rockstar (STAGE FRIGHT and NOT MUCH MUSICAL TALENT), or a super spy (you need to know tons of languages, be a master of disguise and be super in shape to get away from the bad guys!) to name a few.

2) I like to spin stories, especially romantic ones. Steamy, sexy ones. If you look me up on Amazon, you'll find my first two books, which are sci-fi. I know. Weird, right? What's a romance writer doing writing sci-fi? (Insert helpless shrug here.)  I don't know. The devil made me do it? And the devil might make me do it again one day. Check the sci-fi tab for those. 

3) Writing is the place I go when the world is unkind or full of too much drama. Some people drink. Some people do drugs. Some people work out (I don't personally know any of those, but alright!)  Some people overeat (yeah, okay, I do that, too, sometimes.)  I write.