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Each book in the Phoenix Rise series can stand alone, but c'mon...they're better together! Each of the Myers siblings has a story to tell, and you do NOT want to miss all the sexy, steamy fun! The series is just beginning, but stay tuned for more!

Search for Love  
Phoenix Rise Series Book One

ISBN 978-1-7362033-0-9 (e-book)

ISBN ​978-1736203316 (paperback)


Melody Holm was engaged for exactly one day before her future husband, Scott, died in a climbing accident. Falling in love with another climber is near the bottom of her list. Cue Parker Myers, the sexy owner of Phoenix Rise SARS, a search and rescue support company.

Now she's falling for the mountain man, but there's another caveat: He's from a big, noisy, loving family, and he's been hinting at a future with her. But something ranks even lower on her list: Babies.

Melody's urge to run grows stronger every day. Can Parker coax her back into his arms, or will he have to let her go forever?

CONTENT WARNING: Search for Love contains some references and a central plot line that could be upsetting for some:

--backstory reference to child neglect, clinical level depression

--Active story arc involving unintended pregnancy

--backstory non-main character death

--Active story car accident (no fatalities)

--Active subplot DIU by supporting character

--subplot reference to military "Gold Star Family"

Rise Again 
Phoenix Rise Series Book Two 

ISBN-978-1-7362033-2-3 (e-book)

ISBN 9781736203330 (paperback)

To have a life with him, she’ll have to risk her own.

With an ex-turned-stalker and the recent death of her parents, Shelby is reeling.


When she returns to her hometown of Glendale, Arizona, to settle their estate, she suffers another shock: a half-brother she's never met.


Life is good for Greer Myers and his adopted son, Chance, until a sexy strawberry-blonde strolls into his office and drops a bombshell. She's Chance's older sister, and she's not leaving until she meets him. Protecting Chance is Greer's top priority, but he and Shelby find themselves battling an inexplicably fierce attraction.  


Pulled into a web of danger as Troy subtly taunts her, unseen and uncaptured, Shelby distances herself from them both as his game of cat-and-mouse escalates. She’s determined to protect those she loves, even if it means icing Greer out and avoiding Chance.


As Troy continues to evade police, Greer's patience with Shelby's arm's-length treatment reaches its breaking point. Shelby realizes to keep her two favorite guys safe she's going to have to take matters into her own hands. Will she live to love them? Or will she make the ultimate sacrifice for love?

CONTENT WARNING:  Rise Again contains content that some readers may find upsetting:

--backstory reference to a non-main character's sexual/physical assault

--backstory references to child abuse, neglect, and near-miss child sexual assault

--backstory references to adult alcohol/drug abuse

--Active story stalking, including escalatory behaviors, threats of violence, and physical confrontation

Ashes Onward Cover Final.jpg
Ashes Onward
Phoenix Rise Series Book Three

ISBN-978-1736203347 (paperback)

ASIN: (only on Amazon): B09LSQ6VTZ

A rockstar, a gossip journalist, and a trust fall of epic proportions.

♥After an angry rant in front of 20,000 fans, Smoke/Fire/Ash frontman Kearny Myers is in desperate need of good press. He grants an interview that will either save his life… or destroy it.

Janine Caspell finally gets her first break: an interview with rock God Kearny Myers. After a rocky start, the musician she's fangirled over for years kisses her, igniting a breathlessly hot whirlwind romance. Suddenly, instead of writing the celebrity pages, she's IN them...but there's more to the life than sparkle and shine.


Under enormous pressure at work to deliver insider content featuring her boyfriend, it's not easy to balance work and her personal life...especially after Kearny confides that the worst things about fame are the betrayals by users and gold diggers.


Will their love survive her job, or will their heartbreak become the next splash in the tabloids?♥

CONTENT WARNING: Ashes Onward contains the following elements which some readers may find upsetting:

--Active story serious illness/death of a subplot character

--Active story mention of serious military injury to a side character

--backstory mention of military fatalities in combat location

Through the Fire
Phoenix Rise Series Book Four

ISBN-978-1-7362033-5-4 (paperback)

ASIN: (only on Amazon): ebook: B0B4HQCN2F

After losing his high school girlfriend, Gabriela, to a drunk driver, Thatcher Myers joins the U.S. Army to escape the smothering concern of his family…and Gabriela’s. Ten years later, his career is cut short during a mission gone horribly wrong.

Back home in the States, fresh from a medical discharge, Thatcher suffers survivor’s guilt. He avoids his family, his friends, and…life. Things begin to change when he finally takes the advice of everyone around him and attends a PTSD/Anger group. Though he knows it’s the worst idea ever, he finds himself drawn to Kit, a fellow group member.

Snarky and oozing distrust for the male species, Kit wants nothing to do with him. He sees past her prickly façade to the scared, struggling single mother. He sees who she is under the pain and uncertainty…a big-hearted woman with a world of love to give. 

Forced to accept his help after an injury, Kit finds it increasingly impossible to resist Thatcher’s gentle, easy-going nature, but she’s not ready to trust another man with her heart…or, more importantly, her baby girl’s heart.

Will Kit’s fears win out, or will Thatcher break through the fortress around her heart?

CONTENT WARNING:  Through the Fire contains subject matter that some readers may find upsetting:

--backstory mention of drunk driving death

--backstory mention of serious chronic illness, disability, and death

--Active story mention of PTSD related to backstory military injuries/fatalities

--Active story kidnapping, threats of violence

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