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Concordia Series

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Concordia Series Book One

ISBN-13: 978-0692533451

ISBN-10: 0692533451

This ordinary high school girl is going to have to save the world as we know it...

Military brat Davinney Keith is fed up with packing her life into boxes and leaving friends and the familiar behind. When her father breaks his promise to let her stay put even if he's given new orders, she acts out her fury by going to a college party instead of studying for finals.

A mysterious stranger has been following her all day. When he finds her at the party, she tries to escape. A shout of warning and a brilliant flash of light later, she wakes on an alternate version of Earth called Concordia. A fish out of water in a strange new world that is both intriguing and threatening, Davinney is ordered to assimilate into their society or face the Disposal, yet another version of Earth where there is no law except kill or be killed.

Assimilation is the first novel in the emotional, action-packed Concordia series. If you like strong, stubborn heroines, you won't want to miss Davinney's fight for survival in a world where the government can find you anywhere and there's nowhere to hide!

Click the image ^ to purchase. I will receive a small commission.

Concordia Series Book Two

ISBN-13: 978-0692535318

ISBN-10: 0692535314

After becoming stranded on Concordia, a parallel version of Earth, military brat Davinney Keith and her new friends uncover a horrifying scandal involving the local government, known as the Tribunal. But as the Tribunal's sinister plot unravels, tensions within their group threaten to tear them apart. With her Earth at risk and time running out, can they heal the rifts that exist among them and find a way back to her world in time to stop the genocide?

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